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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 18, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> it is. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for watching. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, september 18th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump faces a new round of criticism for what he did not say at a town hall meeting. and democratic candidate bernie sanders is here to explain his jump in the polls. the president of iran gives his first western interview to "60 minutes" after a controversial deal with the u.s. and how pope francis could push security boundaries during his visit to america. we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> it's called muslim. we know our current president is
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one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. >> donald trump under fire for staying silent. >> trump did nothing to correct a questioner who stated president obama is muslim. >> if you are an actual leader you don't just pander to every loud mouth in your audience. . >> hillary clinton responding to the attacks aimed at her during the cnn republican debt. >> this is just the silly season. >> a military hearing for sergeant bowe bergdahl to determine whether he will be serving time for desertion. >> officers threw a 16-year-old boy to the ground. >> a bus ended up on its side in a lake. >> i got out of the bus first and started pulling kindergarteners out of the bus. >> we just want to say thank you to them for making america look so good. >> one of the sweetest episode
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of the kiss cam that you'll ever see. >> great to see the president back at the ballpark. >> an otter is being trained to can breathe. >> in the end zone for an unbelievable touchdown. >> this game is over. this crowd cannot believe it. >> cbs wanted me to immerse myself in football culture. they challenged me to kick a field goal in front of 65,000 oakland raider fans. >> on "cbs this morning." >> cameras were rolling as the pope chair was unveiled. >> you want humble? that's humble.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off. vinita nair is with us. a twist in the 2016 republican nomination race. donald trump's critics are blasting him for what he did not say. one his supporters repeated a well-known lie about president obama's faith. the republican front runner did not challenge it. >> hillary clinton hammered trump for his reaction. nancy cordes is in washington where the incident is the reminder of another trump campaign. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one tends to forget that trump was the poster child for the birther movement, repeatedly questioning whether the president was born here in the u.s. so when that questioner called the president a foreigner and a muslim, trump did nothing to correct him. >> it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an
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american. >> we need this question. >> but anyway, we have training camps learning where they want to kill us. that's my question. >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things. a lot of people are saying that. and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. we're going to be looking at it and plenty of other things. >> reporter: compare that to how the gop's 2008 nominee, john mccain, handled a similar question back then. >> he's an arab. >> no, ma'am. he's decent family man, citizen, that i just happen to have disagreements with. >> reporter: on thursday night, hillary clinton chastised trump, tweeting, donald trump not denouncing false statements about potus and hateful remarks about muslims, cut it out. carly fiorina's debate performance was widely praised.
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>> everybody said she made a good speech. i don't get it. >> reporter: this is wisconsin governor scott walker in a radio interview. >> i think going in we knew the narrative was that they were going to say carly had a big night no matter what. >> reporter: fiorina hers made the most of her post-debate buzz although they did face some criticism for mischaracterizing the content of those undercover sting videos shot at a planned parenthood facility. >> watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. >> reporter: the footage shown in that video was stock footage of a fetus and not footage known
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to have been recorded at planned parenthood. >> nancy, how is trump's campaign responding to this? are they going to say anything different? >> reporter: their campaign manager says that trump essentially didn't hear that question, which doesn't seem to be the case, you can see him in the video nodding along with the questioner, saying "we need that question first." this is only going to give more fodder to his critics, hillary clinton and his republican revis rivals who say he doesn't have the temperament or gravitas to be president. >> hillary clinton will be interviewed here on "face the nation," sunday morning right here on cbs. the obama administration this morning is moving forward with the iran nuclear deal. senate republicans thursday conceded defeat after losing one final vote. but how speaker john boehner is considering legal action. "60 minutes" correspondent steve
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kroft just returned from iran. he spoke with iran's president, his first interview with a western journalist since july's agreement. here is a preview of sunday's report. >> i'm sure you realize that it is difficult for many americans to get past the fact that president obama has signed an agreement with the country that says that to america, death -- that says death to america, death to israel. are people to take it literally? is this for domestic internal iranian political consumption? what are americans to make of it, the language? >> translator: this slogan that is chanted is not a slogan against the american people. our people respect the american people. the iranian people are not looking for war with any country. but at the same time, the policies of the united states have been against the national
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interests of iranian people. it's understandable that people will demonstrate sensitivity to this issue. when the people rose up against the shah, the united states aggressively supported the shah until the last moments. people will not forget these things. we cannot forget the past. but at the same time our gaze must be towards the future. >> steve kroft is here. good morning. >> charlie, good morning. >> let's take a look at what the president said. what did he say about iranians' reaction to the deal? >> well, there's been as much ferocious negative comments about the deal in iran as there have been here in the united states. i'm not sure most people realize that. but it's been, you know, the hardliners and various groups and factions that have benefitted from this long situation with the united states, who are upset about some
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of the possibilities of change. two things are being said. there's what ayatollah has said, which is still very hard line, and what the moderates are saying. both of them are talking to the constituents in their countries. >> but a lot of it is about the deal. >> absolutely. and i think the president believes he will approve it. what's going on in the bitter debate in the parliament next week, regardless of what happens, that the deal will go through and the hardliners will fall in line. >> what was your sense on what this means for the future of u.s.-iranian relations? >> it's very hard to say. i think the iranians want to go very slowly. on the one hand you have the iranian president saying there will be cooperation on nothing other than this deal.
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there's probably a role for the united states in syria -- or the united states in iran to discuss. and i'm sure there are back channel negotiations going on now to talk about what's going on in syria. >> do you think there will be any opportunities for american investment in that region? >> i think the opportunities are there, will be there. it will be interesting to see whether they're taken advantage of. the iranian president rolled out the red carpet, and said, tourism, we would like to have americans over here, we would like for iranians to go to america, we think they will bolster the relationship. a lot has happened there in the last couple of years. >> really interested to see your interview. >> thank you. watch steve's full report sunday psee the challenges the iranian president faces on the nuclear deal inside iran, that's sunday here on cbs. defense lawyers are
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presenting evidence this morning in the case of army sergeant bowe bergdahl, who spent five years in taliban captivity after leaving his base in afghanistan. we are in san antonio where bergdahl's lawyers are raising questions about his mental health. >> reporter: good morning. the hearing will determine whether bergdahl will head to trial for charges that could send him to prison for the rest of his life. army sergeant bowe bergdahl looked tired and skinny more than a year ago, soon after he was released in exchange for five taliban militants. but he looked rested as he walked into court in his blue dress uniform. he's charged with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy. he disappeared from his post in afghanistan on june 30th, 2009, and was captured by taliban fighters. his platoon spent nearly seven
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weeks looking for him. >> it was just crazy to think that someone would leave in this super hostile environment, that they would just purposefully walk away. >> reporter: his commanding ovary described the search for bergdahl as grueling and dangerous, and that he felt like he had failed his pmen. an army board concluded that bergdahl had a severe mental disease or defect. bergdahl's attorney is pushing for the government to release transcripts of bergdahl's interview with investigators after his return, hinting that it may she had light on the soldier's mental state. >> once the general public is able to study that, they'll have a better sense of what this is all about. >> reporter: at least one fellow soldier believes bergdahl deserves life in prison for leading his post.
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>> if he's found but i of anything less than that, i think it's an absolute slap in the face and atrocity to everybody else that has served honorably. >> reporter: everything from this article 32 hearing will be compiled into a report and sent to general robert abrams, the commanding general of the u.s. army forces command. he will determine if this case will be set for a court-martial. migrants in europe are facing new challenges in their trek north. thousands took a detour when hungary closed its border. in croatia, the crisis is tearing families apart. >> reporter: well, just when one door seems to have opened for these refugees, another one seems to slam shot. just a day ago, the route to salvation seemed to pass through here, croatia. now, it's become just another roadblock on this trail of despair. the refugees came to croatia
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because the route through hungary next door was blocked. the violent scenes in the middle of the week, when the door was shut into croatia. the open door policy of the croatian government lasted a day. after an influx of what they say was more than 8,000 migrants that day, the croatians now say they're closing their border too. and even for those who manage to get across, to the despair here has been added chaos, as buses, not enough buses, are being brought in to take the migrants to reception camps. people swarmed them as police started taking women and children first. families became separated. one thing the families of refugees have managed to do in their harrowing travel was stay together. now many are being split apart. this morning, police have been trying to restore order. the refugees have been told to line up here for buses, and
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that's what they've done. thousands of them. this line goes back as far as you can see. what the refugees can't see is a future. it took four hours for this bus to come. it barely made a dent in the line. sarmad is from iraq. where do you want to go? >> i didn't decide yet. but any country that's safe for me. >> reporter: to make matters worse, if they could possibly get worse, the route to western europe from here passes through slovenia. and the slovenians have already begun to cut rail links and turn refugees back. >> difficult to mark that video. mark phillips in croatia, thank you. small tsunami waves hit japan. the confirmed death toll in chile is 12.
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the quake caused major damage in some areas. local officials say chile was prepared for a big quake after a 2010 disaster that killed hundreds. this morning cuba is preparing for a visit from pope francis. he's expected to give a speech when he arrives. he delivered a message yesterday on cuban state television. a senior vatican official says a theme of his trip to the island will be reconciliation. he will discuss how the new relationship between cuba and the united states has set an example for the world. today a friend of accused charleston shooter dylann roof is expected to appear in court in south carolina. joey meek was arrested thursday. roof occasionally lived with him. court dale's say meek is charged with lying to federal agents and concealing information about roof. nine church members were killed in the attack. american airlines says there's no indication its computers were hacked.
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computer problems delayed flights yesterday. passengers were unable to check into flights for nearly two hours. the airline is still trying to figure out what caused the disruption. wall street is down this morning after the fed voted thursday not to increase the rates for the third time in a decade. janet yellen says the weakening global economy is still a threat. the dow fell but the nasdaq gained more than four points. president obama has honored three americans who have stopped a potential terrorist attack in europe. yesterday the three visited the white house. the president praised them for tackling a gunman last month on a crowded train. >> because of their quick thinking, because of their teamwork, it's fair to say that a lot of people were safe. we just want to say thank you to
7:18 am
them for not only saving so many lives, but also for making america look so good. >> the defense department gave medals to all three. former president jimmy carter shows you're never too old for public romance. he and his wife rosalind appeared on the atlanta braves kiss cam last night. the 39th president will be 91 next month. he is having treatment for brain cancer. and apparently those are their usual seats and they stay for all nine innings together. congratulations to them. >> good to see them out. the new season of thursday night football is off to a dramatic start. kansas city led denver late in the fourth quarter. peyton manning tied the score with 30 seconds left. bradley roby ran it back 21 yards to win it for the broncos, 31-24. cbs sports coverage of sunday's games begins with "the
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nfl today," 9:00 a.m. pacific time here on cbs. prosecutors call it one of the announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by "the martian." october 2nd only in theaters.
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pope francis will keep h pope francis will keep his security team busy. >> ahead, the challenges of protecting a pope who likes to interact with everyone he sees. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning. " ".
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ahead why recent on the field violence dims the light of friday night lights. a woman cleared of murder charges and now accused of a historical medical fraud case.
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your local news is next. ♪ good morning. it is 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening today. firefighters gaining ground on that "valley fire" finally in lake county now 40% contained. some of the evacuees may be allowed to return home today after evacuation orders were lifted. lake anza in berkeley closed to swimmers because of a toxic algae bloom. dogs can die from consuming the algae. and humans can get bad rashes and intestinal problems. warning signs are posted around the lake and around tilden regional park, as well. so far there is no indication when the lake might re-open. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
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it's been a hectic friday morning commute. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." this latest accident in oakland delaying the west 580 drive approaching grand avenue at least one lane of traffic is shut down. we have had two accidents at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the spiderweb there at the bay bridge pay gates. westbound traffic at the toll plaza stacked up solid into the macarthur maze. 40-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. delays continue on 101 both directions outside of sfo. >> a beautiful day in store. in fact a beautiful weekend although hot for some by the end of the weekend. here's what you will see later on today around the bay. 87 fairfield, 82 in san jose, 74 oakland. 66 in pacifica. today seasonal norms. tomorrow and sunday above average for this time of year, triple digits on sunday. ,,,,,,,
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♪ look out! >> in the hole! in the hole! jordan spieth playing in the bmw championship, lined up the par 3, 184 yards, second hole. he hit a 7 iron. as you saw, it bounced and rolled, and it was his fourth ace this year. he hit his first ace when he was just 14 years old. >> using a 7 iron to hit how far? >> 184. those guys were chasing the pin
7:31 am
yesterday, right? good to see that. welcome back, everybody, to "cbs this morning." i hope you have an ace today. coming up, doctors accused of giving patients surgery they never needed, part of an alleged scam that cost insurers tens of millions. ahead, why a defense lawyer things the charges are payback by prosecutors. . plus is high school football becoming too violaent? that's ahead. headlines from around the globe. "usa today" has new details about safety lapses in the handling of anthrax at a utah military lab, showing some of an anthrax sample was still alive in a thrown-out glass tube. britain's "mirror" reports
7:32 am
on oscar businepistorious, last sentenced for killing his girlfriend. if released, he will serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest. the "wall street journal" reports on a new rule to loosen restrictions on doing business with cuba, allowing telecommunications companies to do business there, and making it easier for cruise ships to travel to the island. the "new york times" reports on a european court victory for airline passengers when flights are cancelled. under eu law, airlines are protected if delays are caused by extraordinary circumstances. those include bad weather, strikes, and political instability. the los angeles times reports on plans to build a high speed train from l.a. to las
7:33 am
vegas with the help of china. the proposed rail line would be built in partnership with china's national railroad. it would run to las vegas from victorville, california. developers want to get permission to provide service throughout the los angeles area. >> i'm curious how much. they're saying 89 bucks. >> which seems pretty reasonable. >> how long would it take? >> i don't think the article has a reference. >> that's an interesting story, the chinese helping build american railroads. >> it shows off their technology too. >> indeed. investigators called it one of the largest health insurance scams in history. an orthopedic surgeon and associates are charged with billbill billeds -- bilking insurance companies. one defendant has already made headlines in a murder case. >> two grand jury indictments
7:34 am
revealed what prosecutors called putting agreed ahead of patients, with allegations of insurance fraud spanning more than a decade. one by one, associates of the doctor pleaded not guilty this week to lying to patients, cheating insurance companies out of millions. according to grand jury documents unsealed tuesday, the orthopedic surgeon and his staff profited off the medical practice built on a fraud in which they paid attorneys and others $10,000 a month for illegal patient referrals, billed insurance companies for bogus exams, and falsified mris and other records which justified surgeries, some of which were never even needed. but the most serious charges revolve around the surgeries themselves. operations were done by a
7:35 am
physician's assistant. once the patients were under general anesthesia, peter nelson would do the surgeries without the doctor in the room, which is against the law. in a statement, prosecutors said those patients sustained lasting scars and many required additional surgeries and suffered physical and psychological trauma. >> this isn't your typical med fraud case. they're going for something at a much higher level. what sets this apart is essentially the enormous amount of cash involved. but in the end, it does come down to one real big x factor, which is kelly sue park. >> reporter: two years ago in a story featured on cbs's "48 hours," office manager kelly sue park was accused of strangling the doctor's girlfriend. at the time prosecutors
7:36 am
described park as a female james bond who was hired to take out the girlfriend after a business deal gone bad. park was cleared of the murder despite the fact that her dna was found on the crime scene and on the victim's neck. attorney george bouller stood by park as she was arraigned on fraud charges. >> i don't think she was guilty in this case. it can't help but occur to me that the u.s. district attorney's office may have an interest in making her suffer because she was acquitted, so there may be some desire for payback. >> reporter: park is being held on $18.5 million bail. the biggest question in the case, where is the doctor? prosecutors insist he was awaiting extradition. but an attorney tells "cbs this morning" the doctor is not in custody. this morning pope francis is
7:37 am
preparing for his north american trip, visiting cuba this weekend. he'll arrive in the united states this week. he will make stops in washington, new york city, and philadelphia. we have more on the challenges of protecting the people's pope. >> reporter: good morning. the six-city, 11.5 thousand mile trip is exhausting for those of us in the vatican traveling press pool. for those charged with making sure the pope gets to do everything he wants safely, it's all of that and a huge challenge more. in vatican city, the swiss guards have 500 years of experience protecting popes. when francis hits american streets next week, a major challenge for police and the secret service will be figuring out the difference between a threat and what's normal for a vip who values contact with people above his own safety. as one swiss guard officer said
7:38 am
off the record, "we've had to put on our nikes when it comes to pope francis." accepting and apparently drinking offerings of his favorite argentine tea without checking for poison. imagine how secret service agents would react if someone thrust a lighted birthday cake at president obama. francis took it and blew out the candles. how far would a pizza maker get as francis did when he said he missed it? he rolls down windows to shake hands. in a trip to the holy land, the israelis desperately wanted him to use a bullet-proof pope mobile. francis offered to sign a waiver, accepting responsibility for his own safety.
7:39 am
for those with the unenviable task of keeping him safe in america, footwear advice from the swiss guards may be useful. it's worth noting that the swiss guards don't just stand around in colorful uniforms. they also form part of the plainclothes protection around the pope and are trained to use the same kind of lethal weapons to do the job as the secret service. how those two services per receive and react to potential threats will be fascinating, to say the least. >> i'm sure they would appreciate that recognition. isn't it fascinating to see how the crowds feed off his energy? >> i've heard that the secret service is very worried about his trip to the u.s. it's more difficult in some ways than protecting the president. at least the president has that big limousine. the pope likes to travel modestly. >> the popemobile is very different. coming up, high school football in texas is a way of
7:40 am
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millions of americans will spend their friday night watching high school football. but recent cases of players attacking referees and each other are throwing a shadow over a great american tradition. some critics are asking if the game has gotten out of hand. we're outside dallas at one of the many high schools were football is still number one. >> reporter: vinita, good friday morning. texas leads the nation, nearly 164,000 students play football here in the state, more than california, georgia, and oklahoma combined. the most recent incident to make headlines occurred saturday in san antonio at a football game. it too involved a player assaulting an official. >> he just hit the referee!
7:45 am
>> reporter: that shove got the quarterback kicked off his team and suspended from school for three days. >> if he is going to be escorted out of here right now. holy toledo, folks. >> reporter: on friday in new jersey, a senior appeared to yank an opponent's helmet off and strike him in the head with it. he too received a suspension and was cut from his team. a week earlier near austin a referee was blindsided and hit by two members of the john jay mustangs. the players were suspended along with an assistant coach. now criminal charges are possible. >> i've seen kids shove a ref or football players, but nothing like that. >> reporter: he's the author of "friday night lights, "first published 25 years ago. he says many of the excesses he wrote about them remain today. >> it is a violaent game. i love the violence. but the violence has to be
7:46 am
confined to the field of play. >> reporter: he thinks bad behavior seen at the professional and college levels inevitably trickles down to the high school football game. d.w. rutledge coached high school football 27 years and won four state championships. he believes recent problems on the field reflect broader societial issuance. >> in our country the american family has changed and the lack of respect for authority is one of the things that we saw the other night, that is really concerning. >> reporter: rutledge, now the executive director of the texas high school coaches association, says he supports a zero tolerance policy for athletes and coaches. >> when they make really, really bad choices, really poor choices, there needs to be really, really hard penalties that go along with that. >> way overboard. >> absolutely. i'm glad they have a zero tolerance policy on that.
7:47 am
>> to see a ref tackled not once but twice is really unbelievable. persistence pays off for a pair of dogs lost in the woods. the incredible story of announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by petc o.
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7:52 am
they were hungry and cold, but, otherwise, okay. i love this story! >> so sweet! unbelievable! >> tilly and phoebe. >> so sweet. senator bernie sanders is making his first visit to studio 57 this morning. he is one of the rising stars in the historic race for president. what makes him so competitive with hillary clinton? bernie sanders, ahead, on "cbs this morning." ♪ don't you forget about me ♪ but it still tastes good. yoplait! as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners...
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good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. three santa clara county jail deputies are set to appear before a judge today. they are accused of beating a mentally ill inmate to death last month. the d.a. will try to keep those jail guards in custody by showing evidence of a pattern of bad behavior. and today you may see lawn chairs instead of cars in parking spots. some meter spots in san francisco, san jose and walnut creek are being transformed into temporary parks for the annual park-ing day. the idea ,,,,
7:57 am
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good morning, everybody. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." long delays for 580 this morning. we have had a series of cents with this latest one in livermore westbound 580 approaching north flynn. traffic is going to be slow from the 205 interchange. bay bridge toll plaza our third accident of the morning, just being cleared from lanes just from the pay gates. westbound traffic still crowded bumper-to-bumper through the macarthur maze in oakland. 40 minutes between the carquinez bridge and the maze. take a look at the san mateo bridge. it is stacked up solid from end to end. a warmup is on the way beginning today. temperatures right around seasonal norms, plenty of sunshine even along the coast. warmer still tomorrow. here's a look at what to expect this afternoon. 87 fairfield. 74 oakland. 69 san francisco. warmer this weekend topping out in the 90s. flirting with triple digits by the end of the weekend. then a cooldown returns once again next week. female announcer: want your best rest ever?
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8:00 am
viewerers in the west. more real news ahead including senator bernie sanders here in studio 57. we asked the presidential contender how he plans to take down the accomplishment candidates. >> when that questioner polled a foreigner and a muslim, trump did nothing to correct him. >> president obama has signed agreements with a country that says death to america.
8:01 am
>> this line goes back as far as you can see, what the refugees can't see is the future. >> in a city be 11 1/2 miles of -- the pope gets to do everything he wants safely is a huge challenge. >> in the hole. >> the candidates a nice softball asking them what woman they would like to the see on the $10. >> i would go with ronald reagan's partner margaret thatcher. >> congratulation in advance on norah bill, kim. > i'm charlie rose with nora or saysell. ng, p usually makes news for what he does and what he says.
8:02 am
townmorning he's getting hit nor something he did not do or say. it happened at a town hall who said meeting in new hampshire. after failing to collect a man who said that president obama is muslims. and quote, not even an america. we iswe have a problem in this country and that's muslims. >> we ne ay! know our current president e t't one, he's not even an lingican. on.have training camps where ofy want to kill us. looking going to be looking at nt thing different things and a that people are saying that ngd a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there, we're going to be the looking at that the and plenty om theer things. >> the trump campaign responded by saying the media wants to ous liberty sue about obama, the bigger issue is that obama is waging a war against christians in this country. >> christie said i wouldn't have
8:03 am
ate hilla that. inacdemocratic candidate hillary clinton tweeted that trump's ic rival ias disturbing and just ace iswrong. nders isain rival in the headtical race is currently bernie sanders. sanders is ahead of clinton in ineq. thousands rallied for income ek'slity, health care for all, tuition for college and paid family leave. welcome. >> good to be with you. >> you're doing something right obviously. democ talk about socialist and es itratic socialists. wr you, what does it mean? >> what it means is that we finlan take a hard look at eountries like norway, finland, countries that have achieved
8:04 am
countard earned changes for their countries. we are the only country on earth hat doesn't guarantee health care to every citizen. we don't have sick time for our ountries paid vacation time. surecountries around the world make sure that their young people can get free public college and free tuition at public colleges and universities. ne have far more incoming wealth disparities than other countries llionair. and we have seen a proliferation of millionaires and thes billionaires, we still have childhood poverty. these are areas that i think we oes mea focus on. >> does it mean more government in our lives? >> what it does mean that we're going to ask those people in ghis country that are doing phenomenally well to in fact etart paying their fair share of taxes so we do not continue to see the disappearance of the
8:05 am
middle class, do not continue to see 45 million people living in eqverty and bring us a little bit more equality in the country than we currently have. taxint does it mean to make the wealthiest americans pay their we e to goare? does that mean taxing the wealthest americans at 90%? >> under eisenhower, we have a tax system that was far more romisingn it is now. d leau're promising free health care for everybody, college for everybody, paid leave and you haven't suggested how you're 90%.g to pay for it. ould do are going to the tax the wealthiest americans at 90%. >> if you want tuition free ublic colleges and universities, i believe we will have a tax on wall street
8:06 am
speculation that will more than fact thathem. we will end the fact that monitable corporations in some places today pay zero taxes theuse they stash their money in the cayman islands. >> how much would you raise the corporate tax rate? t people are saying the estimate for the wall street you >> eere is $18 trillion. >> we responded to it. that included $15 billion for a national health care program. what they forgot to say is that you would not be paying and businesses would not be paying for private health insurance. in other words right now if you're paying $12,000 a year for blue cross blue shield, you would not be paying that. not pa uldry study in this case showed that we pay more per capita than any other country. montour own state of vermont tried that in 2011 and the democratic governor said we can't afford it.
8:07 am
so they rolled it back. can't a state can't carry it t.rough, how is america going to count . because every other country in the world figured it out. y nou can every other major country on earth how they guaranty health care to all of tes.r people with far less per wpita that we do not united states. you can ask how we pay the 5ghest prices in the world for rescription drugs, one out of five americans can't even afford their prescriptions. ideal're returning as a democrat, while it was ideal to give everyone health care for paying all, the idea of paying for it was actually to the problem and he didn't want to bust the budget in vermont.
8:08 am
>> we spend far more per capita on health care than any other country in the world. we have billions who are annsured sand billions more are under insured. anies dountries do it. i know that united states of america can do it. and the insurance companies, we're going to put them out of . siness. >> two things, one, is it time to sort of lay out the specifics that you have in terms of spending priorities as well as rm. reform? >> iure. >> in terms of where the at?uctions you will recommend be eliminated and all of that? >> the answer is yes. fo we have been in this campaign or 4 1/2 months. we have more information out sp there, more specifics than i think most other candidates. out mohave been talking so much about money, let's talk about ward your recent fundraising, so
8:09 am
many people come forward with is tdonations. ut whos appealing -- $31? donations but who's counting? >> these small donations are very different than the i front-runner, which is hillary clinton. >> look, i have said, we don't rpac.a superpac. i don't represent the cooperate ndenda. i don't represent billionaires, ison't want their votes. ut what we are trying to do is what?f millions of americans are thatred to make modest ordinabutions to say maybe we an create a government hatworks for ordinary americans paigjust the wealthiest americans. we have a campaign finance system through citizens united which is corrupt and it's undermining democracy. 5% of billionaires like the koch
8:10 am
brothers can can buy to the u.s. government. ndent t to be dependent on small individual contributors. > the question has been raised, how do you edefeat hillary lannton on tuesday in the southern states, you have a plan to do that? andwould you do it? >> we do. we have only been in this campaign 4 1/2 months. south carolina and new hampshire sday a ling more. d chupertuesday, we have a very nough monce to win. grasow have a chance to put together a strong grass roots organization. we're going to obviously be aing tv and radio. rs're going to have a whole lot of folks knocking on doors of one-on-one talking to people. raise creating millions of jobs, thisng with climate change will resonate with people all over this country. >> thawould love to have you
8:11 am
back. e dove got months ahead, rightsome. >> senator bernie sanders, thank you so much for being ,,
8:12 am
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a double-double with fries animal style in you know what that means, you're probably a fan of in-n-out burger. many are loyal to the chain that began six decades ago in california and own on "cbs this morning," ben tracy brings u.s. a rare visit with and that brought a long line of devoted fans. >> if there was a new wendy's or a new mcdonald's opening up at
8:17 am
medford, would you wait in line? >> no. >> she drove three hours and stayed overnight in a hotel and showed up at 7:00 a.m. to get in line. why are people to devoted to this? >> you sound like someone who has never had an in-n-out burger! >> reporter: celebrities have been seen downing double-doubles on oscar night. julia child said it was one of her favorite burgers and what keeps most people coming back is a simple menu that basically hasn't changed since harry truman was president, burger, fries, sodas and shakes. >> it's about the quality, the friendliness and cleanliness and we keep it simple. the one thing you've used throughout the years is reclusive. you guys don't talk a lot about in-n-out or do interviews.
8:18 am
why is that? >> we back away. we don't want to be in the spotlight and we don't want a lot of attention and we want to do what we do best, and that is serve good burgers to our customers. >> reporter: this got its start in 1948 when lynsi's grandparents opened a burger stand in baldwin park, california. they had a two-way speaker and created the first drive-thru burger join in california. down the road the mcdonald brothers were also selling hamburgers but the two companies took divergent paths. mcdonald's became a franchise and by 1976 had 4,000 u.s. stores. in-n-out had 18. today, mcdonald's has more than 14,000 u.s. stores, in-n-out, just opened number 304. every one still owned by the snyder family. what do you think your grandparents would think of seeing 304 stores and people packed in here? >> well, i think they would be
8:19 am
amazed because they had no idea we would end up here. >> reporter: the food may be fast, but the company's growth is purpose entry so. in-n-out can be found in a few dozen counties in six states and each must be within miles of their distribution centers where their burger patties is made because at in-n-out, nothing is frozen or microwaved. store managers can make six figures. that could explain the service with an actual smile. i can tell you're excited about this. you really like this? >> oh, definitely! i love it! >> reporter: doing things their own way is why in-n-out has repeatedly turned down wall street. unlike its competitors which have raised hundreds of millions of dollars by going public. >> what can i get you today, sir? >> reporter: in-n-out is now estimated at an $1 billion but
8:20 am
along with success there has also been tragedy. >> the flame hit the ground. >> reporter: lynsi's uncle ran the company nearly 17 years but he died in a plane crash in 1993. >> here we are at the grand opening of store number 96. >> reporter: her father guy took over but died of an overdose of painkillers six years later. eventually lnysi was the only heir left and she gains full control of the company when she turns 35. could you ever see a time where you go public or where you franchise or where you sell? >> no way. >> reporter: never? >> never. the only reason you would do that is for the money and i wouldn't do it. my heart is totally connected to this company because of my family and the fact that they are not here, you know, i have a strong tie to keep this the way they would want it. >> reporter: for nearly 70 years, that's meant selling burgers without selling out. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, medford, oregon. >> our thanks to ben tracy for
8:21 am
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8:24 am
♪ 1-2-3 truee love snochlt. >> this morning, we are getting a closer look for medical marvels. tripletts were welcomed in july and an incredible rare happening the doctor says in 1 in a
8:25 am
the parents say they have color coded their sons just to tell them apart. >> by painting their nails. actor colin hanks it's 8:25. time for news headlines. some evacuees from the "valley fire" will be able to return home today. evacuation orders were lifted to the berryessa estates. firefighters have the fire 40ers with contained. construction works begins on new light rail tracks in mountain view. the westbound central expressway will be closed starting 8 p.m. the project is laying out a second set of light rail tracks between mountain ,,,,
8:26 am
♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger.
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it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. good morning. i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." great news for the bart system. they are on schedule this morning. bart trains heading into san francisco have been very crowded all week because of the "dreamforce" convention in the city. remember, because of the convention, howard street will remain closed through sunday. it will re-open at 8:00. in the meantime it's crowded throughout moscone center. both foot traffic and lots of cars out there sitting in delays. meantime, expect longer delays for the evening commute. we do have a giants game scheduled tonight for 7:00. this will create more delays along the 280 extension for the drive home. getting into work this morning,
8:28 am
this is what your drive looks like at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is still crowded into the macarthur maze with almost 1 hour drive times between the carquinez bridge and oakland. we are looking at a warmup beginning today even more so into this weekend. temperatures today right around seasonal norms. we are talking upper 80s inland. 60s along the coast. 70s and 80s around the bay. tomorrow, though, warming up into the mid- to upper 90s. warmer still on sunday. temperatures will be in triple digits maybe even records by the end of the day on sunday. although it's short-lived monday we start to cool maybe humid on monday cooling more so into tuesday and wednesday where temperatures get back down into our seasonal norms. overall, seasonal today, warm to hot this weekend. and then bringing us back down to where we should be this time of the year by midweek next week. female announcer: get sleep train's very best mattresses
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♪ ♪ welcome back to "cbs th welcome back to "cbs this morning." from co-starring in fargo, tom hanks is in our green room. >> native american student was sent home because of his mohawk air cut. school officials say the 7-year-old boy's cut was too distracting. he was allowed to return to class after the tribe wrote a
8:31 am
letter to school officials. new photos of pluto from nasa's spacecraft. the new batches of photos were taken 15 minutes after the closest approach to the planet. nasa researchers marvelled at the complex and diverse land forms in the photos. we want to bring you more of our conversation request bernie sanders. >> i think it's a disgrace, to again question whether or not the president of the united states was born in this country, or whether he's a christian is, i thought we were beyond that, but it's an outrage. >> you saw how senator mccain reacted when he was asked a similar question years ago. >> and to continue this mythology and this ugliness that suggests that the president of
8:32 am
the united states was not born in america and we must remember that trump was one of the leaders a year ago, i thought maybe he had learned something from that. this is not what politics should be about. let's debate the the issues. >> the other issue is there is this mood in the country o which you are getting support b reason is that there is a feeling in america that something is dramatically dram. >> something is dramatically wrong when the rich get richer and everybody else gets poorer. t that has nothing to do with whether president obama is an american or was born in america. i ethink we need immigration reform and we need a path towards citizenshi for the 11 million people who a undocumented. >> it's interesting to see it. of , i isene .justdoryoo inu
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
and that's true because even though it is what i love to co-do, it drives me crazy. >> and your mom's battle with breast cancer? >> she's defeated it. she's not in a battle anymore. i'm incredibly proud of the strength she's displayed through this whole thing. >> what's incredible about your stepmother is that she bravely went out publicly to talk about it. >> she took it on, she took it head on and with was out there and really showing people a way to deal with it. not the way to do with it. but a way to deal with it. because everyone deals with these scenarios differently and affects so many people.
8:37 am
>> what is the documentary about? >> it's a film that i spint seven years making, it was about tower records, tower records was started in my hometown of sacramento. and there was something about this company that, a, i loved, it was my candy store, but the history i found to be fascinated. >> i used to go to one on central boulevard. was that the central one? >> a lot of people think that was the first one, it was actually started in a drugstore in sacramento. it started in sacramento in the 50s. >> there's some comments that your 4-year-old daughter made. she's watching star wars and she turns to you and says, why aren't there more women? >> i showed her the first star wars and i was explaining the original episode four. and i turned to her and i said
8:38 am
there's a star wars movie after this, she said, boys, boys, boys, there's only one girl. what a bummer. i was incredibly proud. and again, kids, they tend to put new lenses on how you see things. >> i know, they point out things that we don't necessarily notice about adults. collin hanks, congratulations on the new show, so excited to have you here. and yough watch the new premier of "life in pieces" at 8:30 central right here on cbs. talking about politics bein,
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ ♪ mor tha more than 20 major presidential candidates this morning remain in the race. to the first two republican debates had plenty of theater, but a play near washington brings it's own campaign intrigue. deanna goldman is on the stage in arlington, virginia where fiction is getting help from a real political insider. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, at times the fix hits a little too close to home, with the songs,
8:43 am
to the characters and sometimes the seedier side of politics. ♪ >> reporter: the ultimate fix at signature theater is pure, raw politics, "an american dynasty is determined to stay alive after their patriarch dies, it shows their con cal chandler is groomed by his mother, after affairs, and criminal activity, he rises through the political food change. >> director eric sclafr says besides the surface, the 16-year-old play is timeless. >> it's funny when you see what's happening in the real world and what's happening on stage. >> a pivotal moment in chandler's fictional career is when the unhinged candidate
8:44 am
breaks out. ♪ >> reporter: voters in the fix like voters today are searching for a president who will do just that. there democratic senator bernie sanders. >> the people should not have to serve money and wealth. >> then there's republican front-runner donald trump. >> i'm not taking all this blood money. i'm now a politician, which is crazy to me. >> how have you brought donald trump into this? >> in every possible way. >> mark evans plays cal chandler. >> i'm just going to be honest and hope and it plays to the public. >> reporter: and a show about politics wouldn't be complete without singing the fourth estate, seen busting a move
8:45 am
around cal. >> cdo you see reporters dancin around donald trump right mow? >> it's not just so they can break out into a musical number, it's a celebratory factor of this is amazing material. >> every time i speak, they put me on live television. >> but this fake candidate has a real political consultant. >> you've taken on cal chandler as a fictional candidate. >> russ's day job is a -- promoting the play, launching ads like this that even slam cal. >> would you say this is art imitating life or life imitating art? >> i think it's art taking life and expanding it. which is what makes it funny. which is what makes it entertaining, because people see
8:46 am
some truth in it. but at the end of the day, they know, thank god our system really doesn't work this way and cal really isn't running. >> now remember, the is show was written in the 90s and they didn't rewrite anything about cal, but nora, the director says that the play mirrors the real world placing a premium on authenticity. >> and up next, the most unforgettable moments of the week. you're watching cbs this morning. unforgettabl,,,,,,,,
8:47 am
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8:49 am
that does it for us. vinita will be here tomorrow with "cbs news saturday." and watch our digital network at any time cbsn. as we end, let's take a look back at the week that was.
8:50 am
have a great weekend. mr. trump, we don't need an apprentice in the white house. >> sophomore quality that is entertaining about mr. trump. >> women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> the list of republican critics of donald trump nearly as long as the very crowded debate stage itself. what would you want your secret service code name to be? >> ever ready. it's very high energy, donald. >> this fire is burning an area three times the size of manhattan. >> it's just utter chaos. nothing like it. >> oh, no! >> flooding here in southern utah is now considered one of the deadliest weather events in state history. >> declared a state of emergency. the troops are pushing us back. >> north korea is taking aim at america saying the north could use nuclear weapons against america at any time. harshest treatment deng because he was not cooperating.
8:51 am
you can see at night how intense these green lights can be. >> for the record, what is your top speed? >> 130 miles per hour. >> are you sure you're okay to drive? makes me uneasy. >> my hands are here. ♪ >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell, two of my favorite people. >> let's try to do some tv! ♪ >> djokovic joins us now with the trophy. >> with the trophy. >> blowing away the world record is katie ledecky. >> i will dou some freestyle. oh! >> have you no idea how cool this is! the drone is making its way down to where i am at the mezzanine
8:52 am
level at this new subway station, about 80 to 85 feet below the street. >> running in the mountains is great. >> we are looking at what seems to be one body there but two brains? >> interact to create what we call the human condition. >> i wonder does everybody have a hundred billion neurons? i've lost a couple. i need a couple more. >> all that. >> don't worry but he was here in my seat. >> i told her i was on "the big bang theory." she said is that a porno? >> all that matters. ♪ >> pink floyd has become a category unto itself. ♪ we don't need no education >> would you like us to sing "we don't need no education?
8:53 am
>> perhaps we could wait until after lunch. after lunch. >> on "cbs,,,,,,
8:54 am
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8:55 am
it's 8:55. time for news headlines. three santa clara county jail deputies are set to appear before a judge today. they are accused of beating a mentally ill inmate to death last month. firefighters are gaining ground on the "valley fire" in lake county. it is now 40% contained. meanwhile, some evacuees will be allowed to return home today after evacuation orders were lifted. lake anza in berkeley is closed to swimmers because of toxic algae. dogs can die from it and humans can get bad rashes and intestinal problems. warning signs are posted around the lake. and tilden regional park also. so far no indication of when the lake might re-open.
8:56 am
now here's julie with your forecast. >> thanks. we have clear skies from our mount vaca cam, a little haze off there in the valley. plenty of sunshine the story today and into the weekend. in fact, high temperatures today warmer around seasonal norms 87 in fairfield, 66 in pacifica, 81 redwood city. 74 in oakland today. temperatures warming into the weekend sunny even along the coast. 90s mid- to upper 90s for the warmest spots inland although we could be flirting with triple digits by the end of the weekend maybe with some records. temperatures come down monday. tuesday and wednesday highs back down into the 80s where we should be this time of the year. traffic is coming up right after the break. this is the dawn of an old day. because at&t and directv are offering
8:57 am
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good morning, i'm liza battalones with your "kcbs traffic." just getting word of major delays affecting the bart system because of equipment problems, they are running 15 to 20 minutes late leaving the pittsburg-bay point station towards sfo. so if you need to catch a bart train and need to catch it out of the east bay, give yourself some extra time this morning. the carquinez bridge commute is going to be slow leaving the carquinez bridge heading towards the richmond area. more delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. 43-minute drive time leaving vallejo heading towards oakland. northbound traffic crowded now through oakland.
8:59 am
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